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The fact that electricity is deregulated in the state of Texas means that there are lots of options for the average consumer on who they can get to power their televisions and lights. So who to choose? Well there are lots of criteria. But lets start with Bounce Energy, and what makes us different than other Texas electricity companies. For starters, we're Texans who were born and raised here, went to school here, have worked here most of their lives, and who decided to start up own electric company from scratch. That's a lot different than a lot of the companies who sell electricity in Texas, many of whom are just subsidiaries of larger electricity companies in other states looking to make a dollar in a deregulated Texas market. Bounce Energy is a company by Texans for Texans.

But there's more advantages to Bounce than just the people who operate the company. There are lots of practical advantages to them that are helpful to the every day consumer.

Texas Electric Rates and Plan Types

One thing Bounce Energy has is a variety of different electricity plans that suit the individual needs of their customers. Whether it's a green energy plan for the environmentally conscious, a new mover, or just someone who is looking for a electricity savings, Bounce's array of unique and innovative plans has something for everyone. Here's some more information on those types of plans:

  • Fixed rate plan locks in your rate and protects from rising energy costs.
  • Variable rate plan that helps you take advantage of Bounce Energy's lower electric rates without contract terms and cancellation fees.
  • Energy for the eco conscious that features 100% renewable energy generated from 100% pollution-free sources, with rates that are comparable to traditional electricity plans.

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The Bounce Energy Rewards Program

Bounce offers more than just just electricity, we also have a one of a kind rewards program that allows customers to save even more than they can get from other electric companies in Texas. Through the Bounce Energy Rewards Program, you'll receive added benefits and incentives if you remain a customer for 1 year, 2 years, and beyond. Those rewards include bill credits, movie tickets, gift cards and even FREE electricity.

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Bounce is more than just an electricity company, providing great rates, great rewards, and great service. We also make an effort to give customers other services and information that are valuable. Just a few of those are listed below:

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